Save Up To 80% On  Heat and Hot Water

Save Up To 80% On

Heat and Hot Water

Skyrad’s patented heat storage and insulation system uses solar energy to provide you with free heat and hot water, all year round, helping to slash your bills. [read more]


Stay comfortable throughout the year. Not only will Skyrad keep you warm through the winter, it can also help cool your house in the summer, meaning you’ll always be at a comfortable temperature.

Quick, hassle free installation. Our growing network of fully qualified installers will fit Skyrad in as little as a week. Once in place, Skyrad runs automatically, with no need for human input – all we recommend is a service every two years.

Perfect for hard to treat homes. Skyrad is a great way of insulating houses without cavity walls, and if you have to rely on expensive oil or electricity for heating, you’ll really feel the payback when Skyrad slashes your heating bill.

Meet your 2050 commitments within the month. Are you a council or landlord worried about achieving your carbon commitments?  The radical energy saving provided by Skyrad lets you future proof your homes in one stroke